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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?
Yes our service is absolutely free!

Why should i use vpn and not a proxy?
With an encrypted VPN4Free, ALL traffic and all protocols will be encrypted and anonymous. Including for example www, ftp, torrent, voip etc. This is the major difference compared to a proxy which only includes www.

The ip i get is it anonymous?
Yes, when connected to our servers, you will be assigned an anonymous IP address that belong to us. It will provide you full anonymity on the internet.

Do you log/store the datatraffic?
No, our policy is to care for our users integrity, therefore we do not store your real IP, we do not store any traffic data.

Can someone find out my real IP address?
No, since we do not store your real IP or any traffic data, it is not possible to link the IP that you receive from us to your real IP.

Will my internet traffic be truly anonymous, even from my ISP or employer?
Yes, all traffic goes through the encrypted YourFreeVPN between your computer and our servers, that means that this traffic is hidden. Not even your ISP or your employer can monitor this traffic.

What platforms do you support?
You are able to setup your YourFreeVPN account on all the common platforms such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and Iphone/Ipad.

Am i allowed to use my VPN4Free service multiple devices at the same time?
Yes, you are allowed to connect multiple devices with your VPN4Free service.

Is all of this security really necessary?
A lot of people think that they are not doing anything on their computer that requires this level of security. Many think 'what are the odds anyone will be watching me?' or 'I have nothing to hide'. The fact is, if you send email or use instant messaging, people can read every word you write. If you knew someone was listening to your phone conversations, would you mind? If so, what makes your email and instant messaging, or social web site posts any different? As reported in many newspaper and magazine articles, including the Wall Street Journal, the threat of people hijacking your data is very real -- and growing. VPN4Free is about protecting yourself from those who think nothing of doing you great harm.